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New location for the Montessori School of the Angels June 2019. 824 Tucker Road, Dartmouth, MA June 2019.




TMSA originated in Fall River, MA from 1992 to 1999 and is currently located at the St. George Campus in Westport, MA. In June 2019 the school will be moving to Dartmouth, MA. The new location is located at 824 Tucker Road, Dartmouth, MA.

TMSA's Mission

The Montessori School of the Angels, Inc. is an independent,
private, Roman Catholic, non-discriminatory school for children
from Preschool through Middle School.  The school is dedicated
to the belief that education must meet the needs of the whole
child – spirit, mind and body.  The child has an innate desire to
learn and will learn given the proper environment based on the
premise that the first avenues to the intellect are the senses.
Thus the approach to teaching is founded on RESPECT for the
child with an aim to provide the means for the child to help
himself /herself in order to acquire the characteristics necessary
for a happy, mature and contributing adult.

The Montessori School of the Angels, Inc. aims to help children
develop to the fullness of their individual potential.  This is
achieved through the years by developing independence,
concentration and ultimately the inner discipline that sets them
free.  The Montessori teachers are a loving presence, radiating
love, joy and security of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  They are a link
between the child and the environment, observing the child’s
needs, guiding the child but never pressuring or imposing their
own will or ideas upon the child.

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TMSA on Facebook
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